Episode Nineteen - Joran and Friends - Part One

We have the rare opportunity to sit down at a round table forum with a group of consistent collaborators, when it comes to the full scale construction of Motorcycles. We have a very full and detailed discussion with Joran Bean of "Neked Fabrications", Phil Brooks of "Off The Grid Customs" and Mark Ramierez of "Wicked Images" to get a real idea of not only the lifestyle; but the work and efforts involved in creating any of their collaborative or individual rolling pieces of art. This is the first of a 2 part series that affords us a candid look into their motivations, goals and journeys as they put all the pieces of their respective puzzles together to complete what could easily be considered their master-craft. Take a listen as we enjoy a couple beers, more than a few jokes and even some behinds the scenes encounters with the women of their wayward lives. Join us for a great time and a whole lot of shenanigans!