Episode Two - The Vault

Join us as we talk with Arizona’s born and raised, The Vault. A group of young cats looking to make their mark in this ever expanding desert. With all their original work based off ideas inspired fresh from The Valley. Their roots lie deep within the Golden Age of Rock, The 60's and 70's and it shows. Finding muse within bands like Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden and Johnny Cash, these guys want to show their love and appreciation for real music when it had real meaning. With amazing originals like Saguaro Blues and Set me Free, It's easy to see why they are hitting it hard and crashing the scene. Bringing back the Rock in Rock N' Roll.

*** As one of the added benefits of working with us, we always have the option of coming to you or at the very least a neutral ground where we can come together. However, because of that feature the sound quality can sometimes be difficult to counteract in post. So we say fcuk it. Enjoy a raw and unadulterated interview in a very public forum... as you can tell. Don't worry, we will have The Vault back in the studio for a follow up session in a controlled environment as soon as their schedule allows.