Episode Twenty/Six - Rowdy Kids

We sit down again with Brandon Wright, A.K.A. “Ali B” founder of Rowdy Kids Street Wear to celebrate his 2 year of service to his community. We discuss whats changed for him as a creator as well as some of his new ideas and directions and what to expect from the future of Rowdy Kids.

Episode Twenty/Five - Visceral Records

Join us as we talk with Tim Sloan in studio and Ross Farley III via remote, of Visceral Records as we discuss their passion and dedication to the craft of mixing and producing Hard House electronica. A widely underestimated and undervalued genre in the scene. We take a dive into their motivations and experience over their past 20 years of experience in trying to understand what it takes and the mindset involved to find a level of mastery and success.

Episode Twenty/Four - Joel Fenton

Join us as we talk with Joel Fenton from Art by Joel Fenton. We take a deeper dive into the inspiration behind his genres like Pop Art, Surrealism and Psychedelic. We'll discuss his motivations and mindset to consistently produce his works. We'll Also take a moment to find out what he has planned for the future.

Episode Twenty/Three - Dartanyan Kane

We sit down with Dartanyan Kane, a multi-talented musician who has an unyielding love for his craft. We discuss his upcoming events and take a dive into his mindset to understand his lane of creativity and content. We’ll have the opportunity to take a journey and try to understand the level of commitment and focus to reach his level of proficiency. Join us as we take an adventure down the sight of an incredibly talented individual.

Episode Twenty/One - Mighty Mike Saga

We sit down in the backstage of Bedlam, in the heart of AZ and talk with DJ Mighty Mike Saga in this episode of The Icarus Project. We'll discuss his craft, ambition and thought processes behind over 2 decades in the industry. He packed full of style, presence and humility. As well as a ton of great advice for others in his practice. You won't want to miss out on what he has to say!

Devyan DuMon at StandUp Live in Downtown Phoenix

We take a moment in time to host another E-REP with Devyan DuMon as he takes the stage Wendesday Night at Stand Up Live in Downtown Phoenix! Show your love and support. If you would like some more intimate information, join us for a moment in the life! We'll make sure you get all the info you need to make sure you are where you need to be to make it happen! Stop by and enjoy the show!

EyeBrain Entertainment at Monarch Theatre Presents: Donald Glaude and Binary Hertz

You all ready for another E-Rep!?

That's an Emergency Release Episode, and this one centers on Eyebrain Entertainment with Jesse Eyebrain, along with Derek Jeriha A.K.A DJ Mind Detergent. They are having an Epic 4:20 event at Monarch Theatre on the Basement Level. Check out the info through their website and go show your support and love from what they got going on and see Donald Glaude & Binary Hertz, @Monarch Basement Eyebrain Ent 21+. Also! Take a listen to get a more in depth idea of what they have got planned for this event and more to come in the future! Don't miss out, it's going to be Legendary.

Episode Twenty - Jim Louvau

We sit down with Jim Louvau, a veteran in multiple industries. We center our conversation in the depths of our own Master Class in Photography and Music. From his business savvy as a professional Photographer, to his acumen as a front man for his band "There is No Us". We talk about the mindset and work ethic required to achieve a decade of consistency and find success. Tune in to get the 411 on his free Master Class with Cannon and the next performance you can catch from "There Is No Us". Join us as we take a trek through his perspective and understand his process.

Episode Nineteen - Joran and Friends - Part One

We have the rare opportunity to sit down at a round table forum with a group of consistent collaborators, when it comes to the full scale construction of Motorcycles. We have a very full and detailed discussion with Joran Bean of "Neked Fabrications", Phil Brooks of "Off The Grid Customs" and Mark Ramierez of "Wicked Images" to get a real idea of not only the lifestyle; but the work and efforts involved in creating any of their collaborative or individual rolling pieces of art. This is the first of a 2 part series that affords us a candid look into their motivations, goals and journeys as they put all the pieces of their respective puzzles together to complete what could easily be considered their master-craft. Take a listen as we enjoy a couple beers, more than a few jokes and even some behinds the scenes encounters with the women of their wayward lives. Join us for a great time and a whole lot of shenanigans!

Episode Eighteen - Rowdy Kids

We are back with Brandon Wright, A.K.A. "Ali B" to celebrate the 1 year Anniversary of his Street-Ware Brand "Rowdy Kids". We take a walk down his last year, how it's changed his perspective and discuss how he has grown; not only as a Business Owner, but also a Designer. We take a moment to revisit some of the exclusive releases he has available and take a glean into the new line and series he plans to drop this weekend to honor his 1 year mark.


Episode Seventeen - MTC3D Printing

Join us as we talk with Michael Taylor of MTC3D Printing. We talk about the industry, how it works, his perspective about the creative aspects of the art and discuss some models he is currently working on. Check out his work in anticipation of the episode on his Instagram at MTC3D Printing or look into his Etsy at MT3DCustoms.

The Bartender Diaries: Part 6

We haven't done one of these in a while and i figured on the eve of a Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse we should take the time to drop one. The Bartender Diaries! Featuring Jackie from The Blue, a premiere location for libations in Page, Arizona!

We have the typical good ol' conversations that we are often want to have with our gorgeous local bartenders! Join us for the fun and shenanigans that you have come to expects, complete with tales from the bartenders crypts.

Episode Fifteen - Travis Kenny

Join us as we speak with TK (Travis Kenny) about his new solo project in the works. Starting with the release of his Single "Tropical" If you are interested in a more in depth view into what he has planned for all his fans throughout the year, please join us at The Icarus Project as we talk with Travis Kenny about his journey to make all this a reality! His first single Drops tomorrow, Friday January 12th, with many more to come. 

Episode Fourteen - Joran Bean

We got the young Joran Bean from Neked Fabrications on The Icarus Project. We got a lot of interesting and fun topics to hear about. Please be sure to join us as we hear from an eclectic, rough, gentleman that has an ever expanding reach and is looking to take it even further. From bike builds and Short films, to collabs with Painters, Welders, and Mechanics; virtually anyone else who is willing to just get it done. Raw and Inspirational this is as real and good as it gets... So Get With Us.

Episode Thirteen - Freckled Fotography

We talk with the Tiffany Raelynn about her experience and budding expertise in the field of Digital Photography as well as her work in Multimedia Designs. we'll discuss her past, current and future experiences, projects, motivations and goals in the industry; as well as personally. We will take a walk through the mind of an incredibly driven and thought out artist. As we try to pin point the mettle is takes to reach these levels of success

Episode Twelve - Neon Cotton Candy Event

We are on location at the Neon Cotton Candy Event held by New Light Entertainment. We have an opportunity to speak with some of the local talent at the party as well as a special guest Kawt-N-Candy. We'll speak with them, as well as John Hasemeier and Eric Thrasher from Toric about what drives them, their goals and ambitions as well as tip's and trick's to making it all happen in their respective industries.

Episode Ten - The Founder's Party With Elliott-Elijah and Ryan Nelson

It's The Founders Party! We Made it. We celebrate the 10th released episode of The Icarus Project by talking with the founder of this labor of love. We'll discuss what the goal, intent, drive and direction the project has and will be taking. Also, we discuss how the project came to be and what we want for not only our guests, but our listeners as well. To give you all a deeper, clearer look into our mindset and how it all came to be. As always, we appreciate all of your support and helping us to make this all a reality. Stick with us and we'll keep this train rolling for as long as we can!