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Logo by:  Melody Meyers

Logo by: Melody Meyers


It all started when...

a simple person had a complex idea with an elaborate plan. After months of reconciling the different methods and mediums of communication, it became apparent; this is what we should be doing and how we should make our dream into a reality. When it was all said and nearly done, there was only one step left. The willingness to say Yes. The simplest and arguably most powerful one word answer. Yes, let's take our time and the resources we have available to give an opportunity to the tens, hundreds, or thousands of artists in this city, to be heard unequivocally and unadulterated.  We would like to fill our moments with purpose. A purpose that gives not only fair and just meaning to the lives we live everyday, as well as allow us the opportunity to showcase someone else's passion in such a way inspiring the next soul it touches into action.  Take hold of your skill, talent, craft or art and talk with us about how such a marvelous thing came into reality.

The primary tenants of The Icarus Project are Inspiration, Education and Appreciation. We're about affording the opportunity to anyone that would like it, to tell their journey of inspiration. You can call us, text or email. Our hope through these interviews is to inspire those who have not yet had the chance to say yes to themselves as well as educate those who have not had the experience or direction to follow their dreams. We would like for your story to help show our appreciation to anyone who is willing to step up and take their love, passion and lives into their own hands. We wish to celebrate you and everything you do while showcasing the love that went into your efforts to the world through your skills, talent and ability.

As an added benefit of talking with us we offer a dedicated Artist Page with regularly updated and shared information regarding all of your works. This project is something we want to use to bring all of us together in an appreciative and celebratory manner. Let's dedicate our time and resources to building a self sustaining ecosystem of artists supporting artists, in the hopes that we can thrive on the energy that propels us all in the direction of creation.  Please, join us as we take a trip through the life and minds of The Valley's own unique and emerging independent artists.

Welcome, to The Icarus Project...

It's Organic as Fcuk.